Our Commitment to You

Why Vollara?

Our Commitment ImageThe Health & Wellness category is a huge market - hundreds of billions of dollars spent worldwide. Who wants to be partially healthy? NOBODY! We have a simple story that is based on the foundation for complete health... Air, Water and Cellular Nutrition. You’ve always heard that we are what we eat... It’s not true! We are what we absorb! Vollara’s products are the leading edge of science and technology in EVERY category You’ve heard the saying about being in the right place at the right time. Well Vollara is it.

Market Size

Vollara is positioned in an industry that is hundreds of billions of dollars strong. People are already spending significant money on our products.

In fact a group of Battelle scientists and researchers pinpointed the Top 10 Trends in Healthy Homes for 2010 and we our products and services answer the need for 7 out of the top 10!

  1. Breathing Easy: Indoor Air Quality
  2. The Doctor is Always in: Home-based medical monitoring, diagnosis and care
  3. Monitoring and sensing for home safety and personal protection
  4. New appreciation for electricity: Absolutely reliable and high quality power
  5. Water, Water everywhere, but is it pure? Whole-house water quality
  6. Healthy & safe foods: Food quality and safe handling, storing and cooking
  7. The Baby boomer factor: They don’t want to get old
  8. Mite Ware: Battling mites and molds in bedding, furniture and carpets
  9. Drudgery - free housecleaning
  10. Sterile surfaces: Germ resistant materials, coatings and fabrics