LaundryPure Testimonials

Jackie Anding

Let's talk about LaundryPure...Did not believe it would work. Just could not believe that you could actually use something without hot water and no detergent...But you know what? I was so wrong. Absolutely phenomenal.

Jackie A.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Elaine Gibson

LaundryPure is one of the most fun products in technology that I have ever been around. Can you imagine doing your laundry with no hot water and no detergent? And you don't even have to separate the colors. You save money, you're a great citizen of the planet, everything is healthier about the way you do laundry. It's fun, it's easy to share and it makes me smile.

Elaine G.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Jeanne Cooper

Of course, I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it and used it, I became a believer. It takes a few washes to get all the smell of perfume out and you get the smell of clean in. LaundryPure is a fabulous, fabulous product.

Jeanne C.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Sherri & RJ Buchanan

...if you want to cut your bill in two, from your laundry detergent, your bleaches, your fabric softeners, you need to get the LaundryPure...You don't have to worry about harmful chemicals going back into the water...You're cutting your bill, you're saving on hot water, because it uses cold, no detergents whatsoever, and your clothes are fresh, they're clean. They're great, they're fantastic....get the LaundryPure by Vollara and you're going to love it!

R.J. and Sherrie B.
Vollara Independent Business Owners

Dan Gibson

...what a product! We love it. My clothes are clean...The benefits are really unbelievable, with not using chemicals, your clothes come out brighter, they smell clean and fresh, and you don't use hot water or fabric softener...It works. You try it and you're going to fall in love with it and share it with others.

Dan G.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Debbie GibsonI like it because I don't have to add any laundry detergents or fabric softener or bleach to the wash. It's saving me money at the supermarket, it's saved money on our electric bill, not having to use any hot water to clean our clothes. We just use cold water. It's been easy on our septic's a great technology

Debbie G.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Brian EllsworthHow can you not be excited about LaundryPure? This is a product with no detergent, no hot water, and it does a better job. It's incredible! Even I can do laundry!

Brian E.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Robin PowellWhen I first brought my LaundryPure home, I sat it in the box, on the floor in the living room and I waited for enough time to pass and enough testimonies to be told over the telephone until my wife said, 'When are you going to hook it up?' Once I hooked it up, we stopped buying laundry detergent, we stopped using hot water...Our clothes smell great, stains come out. It's the best thing you could possibly put in your home. It's a great product for any home to have.

Robin P.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Dennis WickOur emphasis is to get a clip of LaundryPures and get them out there, and share this product with people, and once they see it work, the technology actually does all the selling for us.

Dennis W.
Vollara Independent Business Owner