FreshAir Surround Testimonials

Kelly Alderton

I love the FreshAir as it has helped my husband with some health challenges. I also love knowing that the surfaces in my home are cleaner - having children this is a big concern as we don't want to use harsh chemicals to clean! It also keeps my home smelling fresh and clean even though I have 2 dogs.

Kellie A.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

The Gibsons

FreshAir has always been a staple of our business. We have shared FreshAir with hundreds of people. And they come back again and again as they discover other areas of their lives to use FreshAir. Many want it in their offices, children's schools, relatives and friends are referred all the time. Again, it is amazing to really be able to live our passion in our business and truly serve others.

Elaine G.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

The Jacksons

If you have ever been around me, you know I have germ phobia. I love knowing I FreshAir running in my home eliminating those containments on surfaces, and airborne particles. I use FreshAir for more than cleaning air. I have taken smells out of my dogs after a skunk spray, freshened suits after giving a sweaty speech, made old tennis shoes smell new, cleaned up dozens of cars, sanitized old smelly rental properties. Right now I am cleaning up a building I own that sat vacant with no air conditioning. The product works every time in every situation.

Mike J.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

Leia Ryan

I love the FreshAir product because it works every time in every place, eliminating surface contamination and pollution. Airborne dust and particle reduction is very important as well. Who wouldn 't want this in their home. Either your lungs are the purifier or just have our Fresh Air Surround in your home to do the work for you. In Conclusion, Keep the Pollution or keep the Fresh Air Surround.

Leia R.
Vollara Independent Business Owner

The Dodsons

The FreshAir products are amazing technology. The documentation from Kansas State University is very strong evidence that we have a life changing product to offer the world. Eliminating odors to contaminants on surfaces. We look forward to always having this technology available to help others live better!! Our home is protected with two FreshAir Surround units, and even have FreshAir Box units strategically placed in area's like guest rooms, and pet area's. These FreshAir products are keepers!

Ron and Maddie D.
Vollara Independent Business Owners

The Air We Breathe

Lynne KincaidWhen a person enters my studio, the first words out of their mouth is "Wow, your place smells good, it's fresh and clean, what are you using and where can I find it?" The FreshAir is totally amazing, not only does it clean the air we breathe but it also removes any unpleasant odors. It is comforting to know that some High Schools are understanding the importance of the FreshAir, not only will it keep the boys locker room odorless, it will also help to remove unwanted bacteria.

Lynne K.
Vollara Independent Business Owner